MunichHeart was developed in order to efficently process large number of cardiac studies. Initially, the target were cardiac PET data. Since then, it developed into an extensive array of quantitative analysis tools for volumetric data analysis encompassing PET, MRI, SPECT and CT data . This set of tools handles large amounts of multi modal cardiac data and facilitates the extraction of quantitative parameters in preclinical and clinical studies. Furthermore - due to its modular design - it can rapidly be adjusted to specific problems - even with user supplied code.

  • Quantification (physics->physiology)
  • Rapid feedback between acquisition and processing
  • Crossmodal comparison and validation
  • Use of synergistic information
  • Fast transfer from research into routine
  • Identicals tools for preclinical and clinical imaging

    A short introduction can be found [HERE] .

  • Publications and Installations

    MunichHeart is used in several internationally reknown research centers around the world. Since 1995 it was used to create > 100 peer reviewed publications ( 8 * EJNMMI, 9 * JNM, 4 * EHJ, 8* Circulation, 11 * JACC, 2 * JAMA, 2 * NEJM and many others)


    MunichHeart is distributed on a limited bases with no effort of commercialization. If you would like to receive more information on this issue, please contact:

    Dr. Stephan Nekolla
    Email: snekolla (AT)

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